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RAILMARK® provides unique, cost-effective, integrated and environmentally safe rail services, products and solutions to the North American and international railroad industry, rail transportation users, transit agencies and governments, that reflects "A NEW TRAIN OF THOUGHT ...®".

Railmark, its brands, and subsidiaries are leaders in the railroad industry in North America and around the world. An accomplished provider of railroad and rail systems development, Railmark provides comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for rail network improvement and rail management services to railroads, governments, and industrial clients. Railmark provides Industrial Switching Services, Track Construction & Maintenance, Rail Logistics (Transloading), and Railcar Fleet Services, including dedicated/embedded AAR repair & billing services, mobile & shop railcar repair, and railcar cleaning.

Railmark’s principal subsidiaries include: Railmark Track Works Inc., Railmark Rail Services Inc., Railmark Industrial Railway Inc., Train Travel, Inc., Railmark Africa Limited, Railmark Canada Limited, and First Railroad Capital Corporation. Railmark leases Locomotives and Railcars and owns and operates railroads in North America. Railmark sponsors rail-related philanthropic initiatives through its Railmark Foundation Limited.

Railmark manufactures and sells environmentally-safe ECOrail™ products including a complete line of biobased rail lubricants, high strength concrete ties (sleepers), and ECO-SAFE wood treated track & bridge members. Through its RAILMARK MARKETPACE the company sells selected track materials, track safety products and selected passenger railcar parts. Railmark’s product brands include ECOrail, ECOtie. Railmark’s active retail rail service brands include TRAIN TRAVEL USA, KEY TOURS INTERNATIONAL, ORIGINS TOUR AFRICA and RailPerks.com.

Together the Railmark group of rail service companies works around the world each day to make rail transportation better, improving both economies and the quality of human life. Railmark welcomes the opportunity to provide your rail project with "A NEW TRAIN OF THOUGHT ...®".