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Railmark Rail Services Inc.
Railcar and Fleet Solutions
Contact us for any freight or passenger railcar service with experienced professionals and EXCELLENT Customer Service.

Railmark Rail Services Inc. has been providing mechanical services to the railroad industry since 1998. Our team is dedicated to the top utilization of our customer's railcar fleet needs and provides a level of detail not found with other providers of railcar services. Railmark provides a full line of railcar mechanical, management and utilization services.

In 2012 and 2013 Railmark supplied and mechanically refurbished seven BUDD passenger cars and a power car for Ferromex's (FXE) Health Train, launched successfully in 2014

  • Mobile Inspections, Repair, & Testing Services: Railmark can perform mobile inspections, repairs and testing for both freight and passenger cars anywhere in North America.
  • Shop Repair & Storage Services: Railmark has shop tracks located in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and New Jersey. Groups of railcars or just a single railcar can be sent to a Railmark facility for repairs and short or long term storage.
  • Dedicated Freight Repair Services: Railroads outsource their complete AAR Mechanical Repair needs to Railmark. Allow us to provide your railroad or industry with a dedicated freight car repair team.
  • Railcar Cleaning Services: California, Kentucky, Michigan and New Jersey
  • Railcar Fleet Management Services: Railmark can custom design a fleet services program for your company that includes personalized tracking and tracing services, UMLER records maintenance, marketing, placement and utilization of your railcars and event reporting. Railmark's knowledgeable and experienced car management specialists will work to ensure that your railcars meet or exceed your utilization targets.
  • General Railcar Storage: Railmark has railcar storage capacity all over the United States and in Canada.
  • Rail Logistics and Shipping: Railmark can arrange the movement of your railcar on its own wheels or on top of a flatcar, making all of the shipping arrangements and coordinating the inspection activities needed for the movement of railroad equipment. Our dedicated customer service personnel will watch each step of the movement to ensure its timely delivery.
  • Source for "Hard to Find" Passenger Car Parts: Railmark can provide new, reconditioned or fabricated passenger car parts meeting strict design and AAR/FRA/FTA properties code. Contact us for a quote! See all of our products on this site.

To obtain a Quote contact Railmark at (812) 454-2350 or by email to marketing@railmark.com