Track Construction & Maintenance 

Track Construction & Maintenance

Railmark Track Works (RTW) provides full-service track construction, maintenance, and inspection services to the railroad industry, industrial rail users, and governments. In addition RTW has two rail product sales divisions, ECORail™ products and Railmark Technologies, specializing in products and technologies that enhance railroad operations.

Track Construction and Maintenance

Railmark Track Works Inc. (RTW)
provides full-service track construction, maintenance and inspection services to the railroad industry, industrial rail users and governments in the United States, Africa and other parts of the world. (Learn More)

ECORail Products Division

Railmark’s ECORail™ product line offers ECO-SAFE coated concrete/steel and treated wood products, along with biobased rail lubricants, for the railroad industry that are not only safe for the environment but enjoy more durability and longer life.

Sold and distributed through Railmark Track Works Inc., our ECORail™ line of rail products and services are designed to deliver higher performing and environmentally-safe solutions to the railroad industry at prices competitive to current products which are not as safe for the environment. This makes an ECORail™ product not only cost effective, but better for the environment and safer for your employees.

Our principal product categories are:
  • Concrete Track Components, including Crossties (Sleepers)
  • Bio-based Rail Lubricants
  • ECO-SAFE Treated Wood Track Components
  • Railcar Linings, Flooring & Coatings
  • Rail Equipment / Tank Wash – Equipment Cleaning Solution
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